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Mindset Matters Column

Mindset Matters

I have a column called Mindset Matters in Wellness Matters Magazine, a free magazine that can be found in stores, cafes, and gyms on the Peninsula. Below are links to my articles:

Finding Empowerment in Daily Routines, September/October, 2013

Your Mindset Can Lighten Your Holiday Load, November/December 2013

New Year's Threshold, January/February 2014

Spring Cleaning for Your Psyche, March/April 2014

Links to Articles on Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy

Articles on Hypnosis

When I first built this website, I thought it would be helpful to include links to articles on hypnosis and hypnotherapy. In 2008, I began my blog, Hypnojournal, which includes excerpts from current articles as I come across them in mainstream news.

Hypnosis: You are getting sleepy ... and calm, and thin, and ..., Los Angeles Times, 11/29/13

The Possibilities in Hypnosis, Where the Patient Has the Power, New York Times, 11/3/2008

This Is Your Brain Under Hypnosis, New York Times, 11/22/2005

Probing Question: Does Hypnosis Work?, PennState, 10/13/2005

Altered States: Hypnosis can help with problems from anxiety to pain., Newsweek, 10/4/2004

Hypnosis Works, Discover, 11/25/2004

Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation Sees Strong Results, ScienceDaily, 10/24/07

Hypnosis Could Help Curb Stress, The BadgerHerald, 9/7/2006

Hypnosis Gains Credence As Influence on the Body; It Helps Control Pain, Fear and Habits, New York Times, 2/24/1996

Grounded by Fear, CNN, 1/25/2008

VITAL SINGS: PERFORMANCE; For Athletes, Better Focus With Hypnosis, New York Times, 12/29/1998